Heart of the Dragon Ensemble - The Art of the Chinese Xiao & Hulusi

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The Heart of the Dragon Ensemble and Chinese composer Jiang Li present an elegant union of ‘East meets West’, unveiling a wealth of Chinese art and culture to a broader audience. It showcases traditional Chinese music and literature via the sophisticated xiao, and the colorful Dai nation festivities with the hulusi. In addition, these two featured instruments are accompanied by the Chinese guzheng, pipa, erhu, and more, whilst seamlessly entwining with western drum kits, bass, guitar, piano and strings. The result is a beautifully blended combination of classic Chinese heritage, Dai nation folk history with western influences.
Varenummer NXW761612
Stregkode 0636943716120
Udgivelsesdato 25-03-2022
Kategori World Musik
Plademærke Naxos World
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Kunstnere Heart of the Dragon Ensemble
Disk: 1
1 Ga Guang Dance
2 Drunken Song on the Stone Fish Lake
3 Nian Nu Jiao Crossing Lake Dongting (Instrumental
4 The Moon Before Dawn
5 Vastness
6 The Affections of the Dai Nation
7 Wild Geese over the Sands
8 Xiao Baicai
9 Nian Nu Jiao Crossing Lake Dongting (Vocal version
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