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Jane Morgan - The Day The Rains Came

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Florence Catherine Currier (born 1924), known the world over as “Jane Morgan” may only have achieved one Top Ten hit either side of the Atlantic (The Day The Rains Came – UK No.1 & Fascination – US No.7), but she was acknowledged as one of the supreme vocal stylists in popular music. With her strong, clear voice, warm and generous, always used with sensitivity to the meaning of a song (she trained as a lyric soprano opera singer), she gave peerless interpretations of so many of the evergreens of the Great American Songbook that her lack of ‘hits’ hardly matters. Retrospective’s survey does include all those she did have, but mostly concentrates on presenting the cream of the many superior albums with which she graced Kapp’s catalogue for eight years from the mid-50s to early 60s – she was the ‘album artist’ par excellence. To these individual songs are added two complete albums covering specific genres: the Latin-American Jane In Spain and the delightfully folksy Ballads Of Lady Jane.

The 57 varieties selected here for The Day The Rains Came will, we trust, demonstrate to today’s listeners that, over half a century ago, Jane Morgan was one of the truly great popular vocal artists of her time . . . long may she ‘rain’!
Varenummer RTS4314
Stregkode 0710357431425
Udgivelsesdato 02-08-2017
Kategori Folkemusik
Plademærke Retrospective
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 2
Kunstnere Jane Morgan
Disk: 1
1 The Day The Rains Came
2 Two Different Worlds
3 Fascination
4 It's Not For Me to Say
5 Speak Low
6 It's Been A Long, Long Time
7 Melodie D'amour
8 All The Way
9 April Love
10 Arrivederci Roma
11 Anna
12 Baubles, Bangles And Beads
13 Come Closer To Me
14 Everybody Loves A Lover
15 It's All In The Game
16 Volare
17 The Moon Was Yellow
18 Adios
19 Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
20 Perfidia
21 You Belong To My Heart
22 Baia
23 Granada
24 I Get Ideas
25 Be Mine Tonight
26 What A Difference A Day Made
27 Let Me Love You Tonight
28 Magic Is The Moonlight
Disk: 2
1 The Ballad Of Lady Jane
2 The Riddle Song
3 Turtle Dove
4 Molly Malone
5 Ten Thousand Miles
6 Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
7 Scarlet Ribbons
8 Cotton-Eyed Joe
9 The Foggy, Foggy Dew
10 I Know Where I'm Going
11 Come, All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies
12 Greensleeves
13 If Only I Could Live My Life Again
14 With Open Arms
15 Romantica
16 They Didn't Believe Me
17 I Could Have Danced All Night
18 How Are Things In Glocca Morra?
19 Just In Time
20 Hey, There!
21 The Sound Of Music
22 My Foolish Heart
23 The Second Time Around
24 Odyssey
25 Tammy
26 Blue Hawaii
27 What Now, My Love?
28 Waiting For Charley To Come Home
29 Le Jou Où La Pluie Viendra (The Day The Rains Came
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