Various - The Jukebox Album (Vinyl) - Urioste, Elena

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When the pandemic struck early in 2020, violinist Elena Urioste and pianist-composer Tom Poster responded by channeling their creative energies into #UriPosteJukeBox, a portmanteau of their surnames and a nod to the retro feel of the jukebox with its eclectic selection of songs to be chosen by the listener. The original intention was to produce one video of the duo performing together for every day of the lockdown (which at the time was anticipated to be relatively brief). What followed was a project that took off in ways the pair had never dreamed of, capturing the imaginations and hearts of listeners across the globe, embracing requests that traversed many musical genres and entertaining followers with increasingly elaborate costumes, props, additional instruments, and multi-tracking. In all, they made 88 videos – one for each key on a piano. The impact of the endeavor and the joy it brought in an extraordinarily challenging time were more formally recognized when the Jukebox won a Royal Philharmonic Society Inspiration Award. This album captures the spontaneous and varied feel of the original videos, drawing together some of the duo’s favorite pieces in a way that celebrates this joyous project and all those who contributed to it.
Varenummer ORC100174
Stregkode 5060189561742
Udgivelsesdato 15-10-2021
Kategori Klassisk musik
Plademærke Orchid Classics
Medie Type Vinyl
Antal enheder 1
Komponister Various
Kunstnere Urioste, Elena
Poster, Tom
Disk: 1
1 Overture: Look for the Silver Lining
2 Introduction et cortège
3 Farewell to Cucullain (Londonderry Air)
4 Sérénade espagnole
5 El día que me quieras
6 Andante, Op.75
7 Begin the Beguine
8 Send in the Clowns
9 A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square
10 Bha là eile ann (There was a different day)
11 Jukebox Toodle-oo
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