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Mihalache, George (cimbalom) - Travelers

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George Mihalache is a virtuoso of the cymbalom and an artist with deep roots in the gipsy-lautar tradition of Rumania. And in the case of Mihalache from Bucharest it is often played in a breakneck speed. George Mihalache is from a family of musicians, deeply respected in the gypsy community, and with an international track record. Since moving to Denmark he certainly has put his personal profile on the musical scene, often in the company of world and jazz musicians. Music critics acclaimed his first album, but with this album, he enters an entirely different sphere. 'I have gathered a group of musicians, that I wished to play with for a number of years. Each have their own specific personality, and all have been in the Balkans and learned from masters. That is very important, because it means that they have the roots and a deep respect for the music', George Mihalache explains. So in your hand you have a work of art, which has a unique freshness. Some pieces are by George himself, while others are inspired from traditions in a family, where the musical standards were the highest possible. So welcome - Bine ati venit in Rumanian - to the world of George Mihalache and the Calibut Band.

Varenummer AR016
Stregkode 5707471040508
Udgivelsesdato 11-09-2015
Kategori World Musik
Plademærke arecords
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Kunstnere Mihalache, George (cimbalom)
Disk: 1
1 Wedding Hour
2 Bada Bada
3 Crying Heart
4 Mikonos Mahala
5 Drunken Donkey
6 Sunrise Istanbul
7 Tribute to Gaga
8 Calitrain
9 Hora Don
10 Gipsy Love
11 Travelers
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