Unicorns First - Dahlgren, Peter

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JOHNNY ÅMAN, Double Bass

This CD is the result of me finally getting the time and motivation needed to realise my own project. I’ve been a full time jazz musician for the last 25 years, mostly making my living playing in big bands and working as a sideman in different groups, mostly in Scandinavia, touring around the world.

A couple of years ago, when I started working with the Danish Radio Big Band in Copenhagen, I started going to jam sessions in a pizza place in Malmö and play with this wonderful trio. We had lots of fun, so the idea of starting a band with these musicians were born.

During the pandemic, things slowed down considerably, so I decided to write some music, gather the band and book a studio date. The whole thing went rather quickly once I got started and I’m very happy and proud of the result.

The title ”Unicorns First” may seem strange, but I’m referring to unicorns as a symbol for all the odd creatures in the world, and also all the rare human beings that are not like the rest of us. I believe that we should appreciate and bring forward those people, the odd ones that might have a different perspective on life. That might help the rest of us to see things a little differently. I also think that is one of the great things about art and music, to make people discover aspects of life that they had no idea existed. / Peter Dahlgren
Varenummer PCD271
Stregkode 0822359002883
Udgivelsesdato 17-09-2021
Kategori Jazz
Plademærke Prophone
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Kunstnere Dahlgren, Peter
Johnny, Åhman
Dernevik, Olle
Nilsson, Per-Oscar
Disk: 1
1 Bernie
2 Raksträcka
3 Unicorns First
4 The Sniper
5 Farewell My Lovely (Marlowe´s Theme)
6 Clown
7 General Snooze
8 You're Everything
9 My One And Only
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