Mozart, W A - Violin Sonatas Op.1, K.301-306 - Shaham, Gil (violin)

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“The siblings demonstrated an easy rapport and keen musical give-and-take. One could imagine a childhood of sight-reading around a living room piano. [...] Mr. Shaham projected an almost boyish delight through three Mozart sonatas, rendering them with an abundance of crisp lines and fresh ideas.”
(New York Times on a concert performance of the sonatas)

Controversially billed as ‘Op.1’, the titling of this set of six sonatas raises the following questions - why violin sonatas?; why an opus of 6 pieces?; and how and why do they make an opus? Elaine Sisman’s comprehensive booklet notes address and convincingly resolve these questions, with the cover image being a photogram taken from the original Seiber manuscript. Gil Shaham enjoys the mantle of being one of the world’s leading soloists, receiving numerous Grammys, a Grand Prix du Disque, a Gramophone Editor’s Choice and a Diapason d’Or. Orli likewise has devoted her career to the concert platform, as well as giving regular chamber music recitals with her brother Gil. Both have developed their own strong artistic individuality, and in this wonderful recording, Gil and Orli draw on a unique sibling symbiosis to reveal the delicate technicalities, nuance of phrase and musical elasticity which Mozart’s music demands.
Gil Shaham, violin
Orli Shaham, piano
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Sonatas for violin and piano Op.1, K.301 - 306
Varenummer CC01
Stregkode 0892118001013
Udgivelsesdato 10-09-2007
Kategori Violin
Plademærke Canary Classics
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Komponister Mozart, W A
Kunstnere Shaham, Gil (violin)
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