Sarasate, Pablo de - Virtuoso Violin Works - Shaham, Gil (violin)

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Violinists Adele Anthony and Gil Shaham share many passions. Along with their personal connection (they are married) and careers as performing artists, they both feel a deep affinity for the music of Sarasate. This legendary violinist and composer's inspired works are enormously entertaining and irresistibly appealing, eloquently summarised by Adele as 'works being a culmination of melody, violinistic idiom and elegance, often evocative of his native Spain'. Gil rates him 'as one of my great personal heroes. He was a meticulous composer; his style was always full of imagination, full of melody, always perfectly clean and concise. I love this guy.'Adele and Gil used the occasion of Sarasate's centenary in 2008 to pay tribute to the revered master's work. This included a concert at the Lincoln Center in New York, broadcast live on PBS in North America and to end the year's festivities ¡Sarasateada!, an all Sarasate Festival in Valladolid, in Sarasate's native Spain.¡Sarasateada! included both chamber and orchestral concerts from which this release is born and this disc captures the expected and unexpected. A red blooded live performance of Camen Fantasy, Zapateado the raucous cowboy dance and Zigeunerweisen, all works which have challenged violinists for decades and never fail to dazzle. The unexpected works are some wonderful yet lesser known - Song of the Nightingale, Airs Eccosaise showing the his compositional gift, 'his diversity and imagination' as Adele puts it, with the disc concluding with a delightful and stratospheric duo Navarra, a folk song derived from Navarre in Spain.

Varenummer CC07
Stregkode 0892118001075
Udgivelsesdato 02-11-2009
Kategori Violin
Plademærke Canary Classics
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Komponister Sarasate, Pablo de
Kunstnere Shaham, Gil (violin)
Disk: 1
Carmen Fantasy
1 Carmen Fantasy
Song of the Nightingale
2 Song of the Nightingale
3 Habanera
4 Zapateado
Zortzico "Adios Montanas Mias"
5 Zortzico "Adios Montanas Mias"
Ziegeunerweisen (Gypsy Airs)
6 Ziegeunerweisen (Gypsy Airs)
Airs Ecossais
7 Airs Ecossais
Romanza Andaluza
8 Romanza Andaluza
Capricho Vasco
9 Capricho Vasco
Gavota de Mignon
10 Gavota de Mignon
Introduction and Tarantella
11 Introduction and Tarantella
Navarra for two violins
12 Navarra for two violins
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