We're on our way - Lundgren, Isabella

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It only takes but one step on African soil to know you are on sacred ground. The vastness of the land reminds me of the endlessness of our universe. The arching trees reaching for the sky, of our will to explore it. The roaring wildlife, that it is from nature we are truly sprung.

Africa - the cradle of civilization - is a remarkable continent with remarkable people. The story of this album takes place here. Specifically, in the small village of Shangarai in Tanzania.

Like all good ideas this began as an inconceivable one, impossible to realize. Yet it took form and became a reality. A reality you are holding in your hands.

The premise is this: 26 children from Tanzania that have never had a voice or music lesson in their life, will meet five professional musicians and teachers from Sweden to record an album together.

The children all reside at an orphanage called the Zion Care center and they have all lived lives shaped by loss. Despite this they carry themselves with a gratitude and grace that is rare to find. It only took us five minutes to fall in love.

Electricity is sparse and to find a location to record an actual album was a difficult task, but due to the generosity of the locals we managed to make it happen. Time is relative in Africa - but at the same time nothing is impossible.

We made this album because we believe in the power of creativity, and especially in music. These children taught us that it is a truly transcendent and transformative endeavor to not only pursue and practice music, but to live it. That's what they do, they live music. Every spare moment they sing, they dance, and they rejoice in music. It is not about creating a perfect performance. It is a way to communicate.

I hope you will enjoy this album and the journey it will take you on. It conveys the message that it is not what you have that puts value to your life, it is how you live it.

With Love, Isabella Lundgren
Varenummer 79556847
Stregkode 7330658514349
Udgivelsesdato 14-09-2018
Kategori Jazz
Plademærke Ladybird
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Kunstnere Lundgren, Isabella
The Zion Care Gospel Singers
Disk: 1
1 Baba Yetu wa mbinguni - African Folk Song
2 Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho
3 Oh When the Saints
4 The Lord is My Shepherd - Instrumental
5 The Lord is My Shepherd
6 Oh Happy Day
7 I Know I’m Lovely
8 Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen
9 Deep River
10 This Little Light of Mine
11 Vem kan segla
12 Mungu wetu ni waajabu
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