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Lundgren, Isabella - Where is home (LP)

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Where is home.
”And today the whole world will blow up, and why?
Because of too much power!
The monopoly of power is a menace to freedom. It degrades and victimizes every individual.

And where is the individual?
Lost in terror because he is made to hate instead of love. If civilization is to survive we must combat power until the dignity and peace of man are restored.”

These words are an outtake from Charlie Chaplins movie A King in New York from 1957. Like his movie, this album wants to celebrate the concept of freedom and wishes for humanity to question the visible or invisible authorities that govern and control our lives. Wether they be the government, our fellow humans or our individual demons. The music is a product of our bands beautiful friendship, but most of all, it is a product of our belief in music as a powerful and peaceful tool, to perhaps change the world… at least a little bit.

I sincerely hope that somewhere and somehow it can land in you´re hearts.
With love/ Isabella Lundgren
Varenummer 79556842LP
Stregkode 7330658514233
Udgivelsesdato 19-01-2018
Kategori Jazz
Plademærke Ladybird
Medie Type Vinyl
Antal enheder 1
Kunstnere Lundgren, Isabella
Disk: 1
1 Anomie
2 Penitential Rite
3 Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
4 The love of which you'll read
5 Not the opposite
Disk: 2
1 Where is home
2 What you already are
3 Omnipotence
4 Conditioned
5 On liberty
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