Thomas Fonnesbæk, Lars Jansson, Paul Svanberg - Where we belong

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Thomas Fonnesbæk; bass
Lars Jansson; piano
Paul Svanberg; drums

This live-recording is an authentic attempt to show how music is made in a creative setting with a highly skilled ensemble. It primarily consists of original compositions and also includes improvised "free" compositions created in the spur-of-the-moment as well as a few standard tunes. For me, it very much reflects the live-concert situation, which over the years has become my primary workplace. At the same time, it also reflects my process of becoming a more experienced composer, organizer, and producer of new materials. Within this trio format, it is important for me as a composer to write simple melodic themes combined with a strong rhythmic drive. It is also pivotal for me as a performer on the bass that I maintain an open creative mind and skilled crafts. A total of 2.5 hours of music were recorded and condensed to the music found on this release.
Please enjoy the music!
Thomas Fonnesbæk, 2015

Varenummer PCD159
Stregkode 0822359001596
Udgivelsesdato 28-08-2015
Kategori Jazz
Plademærke Prophone
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Kunstnere Thomas Fonnesbæk, Lars Jansson, Paul Svanberg
Disk: 1
1 Norrland
2 Cooking
3 The Accounter
4 First Impressions Last
5 No Gluten, please!
6 Do it!
7 I am who am I?
8 Where we belong
9 Beautiful Love
10 The Swedish Way
11 Solen er så rød mor
12 Just In time
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