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Klezmer Juice - Yiddish Lidele

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Gustavo Bulgach writes of this new release: “The Magic of Klezmer is manifested not only in its music, but in the Klezmorim, or its musicians as well. I have been lucky to meet lots of them, but the one whom I most wanted to meet was Max Epstein... Had I only known then what I know now.... A Yiddish Lidele. A musical movement like klezmer consists not only of recreating the old tunes from the past, but challenges us to come up with new and original material. I wrote “Librescu Tango” in memory of the late Liviu Librescu, a professor at Virginia Technical School and a victim of student violence. Professor Librescu blocked the door to his classroom to allow his students to jump out the window and save their lives while he died risking his own life to save his students’. Professor Librescu was a survivor of the SHOAH (Holocaust), a Romanian Jew who could not leave to do ALIYAH (Jewish Immigration to the Land of Israel). In 1977 Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin personally asked the government of Romania for Professor Librescu and his family to be allowed to move to Israel. Later Liviu Librescu moved to the United States where he was one of the most prominent teachers and mentors in the academic field. The great courage he showed in the final moments of his life inspired me to transform the anger I felt at the time into a beautiful melody, a dance song. The survivors of the Holocaust are always showing us the way to live correctly and courageously. VAREMKAYT is the Yiddish word for that familiar and “comfy” feeling you experience when you are at ease, with a group of friends and in a familiar setting... like “feeling at home”
Varenummer EUCD2892
Stregkode 5019396289222
Udgivelsesdato 28-02-2020
Kategori World Musik
Plademærke ARC Music
Medie Type CD
Antal enheder 1
Kunstnere Klezmer Juice
Disk: 1
1 Ose Shalom
2 Beautiful As The Moon
3 Yoshke-Yoshke
4 Librescu Tango
5 Russian Sher #2
6 Freylach #8
7 Erev Shel Shoshanim
8 Happy Nigun
9 Miserlu
10 Hava Nagila
11 Varemkayt
12 Ani Ole Y'Erushalaim
13 Gedenk
14 Odessa Bulgarish
15 Yiddish Lidele
16 B'Ashana Havaha
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