Formed in the year 2000, Delphian is widely recognised as one of the UK’s foremost independent classical record labels. In 2014 Gramophone Magazine awarded Delphian ‘Label of the Year’.

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, where it was initially conceived to supplement the already rich artistic activities that take place in during its famous International Festival, Delphian now boasts a wide roster that includes some of the UK’s finest choirs, ensembles, singers and instrumental soloists.

Since the label’s inception, founder Paul Baxter has remained dedicated to curating a rich and engaging catalogue, embracing both the very early and the very recent. Premiere recordings feature strongly, as do lesser-known composers, and the label’s ongoing relationships with house artists demonstrates its commitment to nurturing artists’ development and exploring long-term ideas. Comprising repertoire ranging from pre-medieval times right up to the present day, the catalogue now numbers more than 200 titles, almost every one of which has been produced by Baxter himself. With a focus on song, choral, chamber and organ music, keyboard works (particularly using historically important instruments), and roots/folk projects with a Scottish accent, Delphian is internationally recognized for its innovative approach to programming and for its firm support of new music.

In 2018 Will Coates-Gibson assumed management of Delphian, co-ordinating the label's fixed team of designers, editors, and technicians - in addition to a network of 21 sales teams across the globe.
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Rachmaninov, Sergey - Vespers - All-Night Vigil - The Choir of King's College London DCD34296 24-02-2023 kr. 149,95
'La Notte': Concertos & Pastorales for Christmas Night - Cicic, Bojan DCD34278 18-11-2022 kr. 119,96 (kr. 149,95)
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Venables, Ian - Requiem & Anthems for Choir & Orchestra - Choir of Merton College, Oxford DCD34252 11-11-2022 kr. 149,95
Ensemble Pro Victoria - Tudor Music Afterlives - Various DCD34295 28-10-2022 kr. 149,95
Kulakowski, Maciej - Beau soir - Various DCD34277 07-10-2022 kr. 149,95
The Mysterious Motet Book 1539 - Siglo de Oro - Various DCD34284 23-09-2022 kr. 149,95
Walther, J J - Scherzi da Violino (2CD) - Cicic, Bojan DCD34294 26-08-2022 kr. 199,95
Werner, Héloise - Phrases - Various DCD34269 24-06-2022 kr. 149,95
Charlston, Helen - Battle Cry: She Speaks - Various DCD34283 27-05-2022 kr. 149,95
Hughes, Bernard - Precious Things - The Epiphoni Consort DCD34289 27-05-2022 kr. 149,95
Between Two Worlds - Castalian String Quartet - Various DCD34272 29-04-2022 kr. 149,95
Nesbit, Edward - Sacred Choral Music - The Choir of King's College London DCD34256 25-03-2022 kr. 149,95
Suckling, Martin - The Tuning - Fontanals-Simmons, Marta DCD34235 28-01-2022 kr. 149,95
Pyrotechnia: Fire & Fury from 18th-century Italy - Cicic, Bojan - Various DCD34249 29-10-2021 kr. 149,95
Fayrfax, Robert - Music for Tudor Kings & Queens - Ensemble Pro Victoria DCD34265 22-10-2021 kr. 149,95
The Myth of Venice: 16th Century Music for Cornetto & Keyboards - Various - Glenton, Gawain DCD34261 22-10-2021 kr. 149,95
Song - The Hermes Experiment - Various DCD34274 22-10-2021 kr. 149,95
Paterson, Lliam - Say it to the Still World - Shibe, Sean DCD34246 15-10-2021 kr. 149,95
Oliver Iredale Searle - Pilgrim of Curiosity - Rees, Carla (baroque flute) DCD34270 24-09-2021 kr. 149,95
Bach, J S - Goldberg Variations (2CD) - Telari, Samuele (accordion) DCD34257 23-07-2021 kr. 199,95
Mozart, W A - Violin Sonatas - Stankiewicz, Olivier DCD34245 28-05-2021 kr. 149,95
Whittingham, Alexandra - My European Journey - Various DCD34248 28-05-2021 kr. 149,95
Baker, Benjamin - 1942 - Various DCD34247 23-04-2021 kr. 149,95
Various - Isolation Songbook - Charlston, Helen DCD34253 26-03-2021 kr. 149,95
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