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Linn Records

Linn’s philosophy combines a love of
music with a passion for quality. Linn’s philosophy combines a love of music with a passion for quality.
They capture the finest performances from favourites such as Ingrid Fliter, Frederieke Saeijs, Dunedin Consort
and Sir Charles Mackerras so you can experience music
the way the artist intended from the comfort of your own home.
Linn’s credentials as a leading classical label was confirmed when it was named ‘Label of the Year’ at
the 2010 Gramophone Awards. For Linn, winning this prestigious award was the culmination of nearly three
decades of work, and represents the dedication of a team striving to bring you the very best music.

With a catalogue brimming with quality and diversity, you will be sure to find so much music to enjoy.

‘...the very model of a modern record company…’ Gramophone
‘…a genuinely audiophile approach to sound quality...’ Hi-Fi Choice
‘It will appeal to music lovers who demand top quality sound.’ The Times
Viser 298 varer Sorterer:
Ravel, Maurice - Aimer et mourir – Danses et melodies - Kozena, Magdalena CKD610 28-09-2018 kr. 139,95
Reich, Steve - Drumming - Kato, Kuniko CKD582 28-09-2018 kr. 139,95
Handel, G F - Concerti Grossi Opus 6 (3 CD) CKR362 22-06-2018 kr. 239,95
Vivaldi, Antonio - Concerti Opus 8 CKR365 22-06-2018 kr. 179,95
Corelli, Arcangelo - Concerti Grossi Opus 6 CKR411 22-06-2018 kr. 179,95
Maclean, Dougie - Till Tomorrow CKR465 22-06-2018 kr. 139,95
Rossi, Salomone - Il Mantovano Hebreo - Profeti Della Quinta CKR429 22-06-2018 kr. 139,95
Sibelius, Jean - Symphonies Nos. 2 & 7 - Søndergård, Thomas CKR462 22-06-2018 kr. 139,95
Sibelius, Jean - Finlandia, En Saga, Swan of Tuonela, The Oceanides, Valse Triste - Søndergård, Thomas CKD566 22-06-2018 kr. 139,95
Freeman-Attwood, Jonathan - An English Sett for Trumpet - Various CKD588 22-06-2018 kr. 139,95
Byrd, William - One Byrde in Hande - Egarr, Richard CKD518 25-05-2018 kr. 139,95
Sibelius, Jean - Songs - Imbrailo, Jacques CKD482 25-05-2018 kr. 139,95
Biber, H I F von - The Mystery Sonatas - Day Martinson, Christina CKD501 27-04-2018 kr. 199,95
Dufay, Guillaume - The Dufay Spectacle - Gothic Voices CKD568 27-04-2018 kr. 139,95
Brahms, Johannes - The Symphonies - Ticciati, Robin CKD601 23-03-2018 kr. 199,95
Gabrieli, Giovanni - Gabrieli for Brass: Venetian Extravaganza - Friedrich, Reinhold CKD581 23-03-2018 kr. 139,95
Martin, Claire - Too Much in Love to Care AKR390 23-03-2018 kr. 139,95
Handel, G F - Acis & Galatea - Butt, John CKR319 23-02-2018 kr. 179,95
Bach, J S - Mass in B minor - Butt, John CKR354 23-02-2018 kr. 179,95
Bach, J S - John Passion - Butt, John CKR419 23-02-2018 kr. 179,95
Berlioz, Hector - Les nuits d'été - Ticciati, Robin CKR421 23-02-2018 kr. 139,95
Bach, J S - Six Brandenburg Concertos CKR430 23-02-2018 kr. 179,95
Mozart, W A - Requiem - Butt, John CKR449 23-02-2018 kr. 139,95
Schumann, Robert - The Symphonies - Ticciati, Robin CKR450 23-02-2018 kr. 179,95
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